Station Solaire Plug & Play 2050W New Energy Solar

1 New Energy Solar START Kit + 4 New Energy Solar NEXT Kits
5x 410W plug and play solar panels for a total power of 2,050W

Install your solar station in 5 minutes.

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New Energy Solar 2050 W is a ready-to-plug 2,050 Wp+ self-consumption solar kit , ideal for tenants or owners who wish to benefit from the advantages of solar energy in a simple and efficient way. With this plug and play solar panel, you will be able to produce your own energy and significantly reduce your electricity bill.

Thanks to its cutting-edge bifacial technology and its power of 410W per solar panel, New Energy Solar offers high-performance conversion of solar energy into electricity. In addition, it is equipped with a connected WIFI socket, with the free TUYA smart application, for precise and real-time monitoring of energy production on your smartphone.

This ready-to-plug self-consumption solar kit is a sustainable and economical choice for producing your own energy.
Don’t wait any longer to switch to solar energy with New Energy Solar.

UTOO SOLAR 2050 W is composed of 1 New Energy Solar START kit and 4 New Energy Solar NEXT extensions

Composition :

  • 5 black bifacial NTYPE 410W solar panels
  • 5 high performance microinverter
  • 5 double position aluminum frames at 20° or 70°
  • 1 5m cable,
  • 4 coupling cable to combine 2 kits
  • 1 connected smart socket
  • 2 plates for ballast on the ground (ballast not supplied) for each panel
  • assembly keys and information leaflet


  • Solar panel: 25 years
  • Microinverter: 25 years
  • Chassis: 10 years

Other information :

  • Packaging: 1 pallet with 4 boxes corresponding to 5 kits: New Energy Solar START + 5 New Energy Solar NEXT
  • Dimensions of 1 box: 173.5 x 115.6 x 8
  • Dimensions of 1 installed kit (cm): 172.2 x 108.5 x 45
  • Total weight (excluding pallet): 5 x 29 = 145 kg

Informations complémentaires

Dimensions 12 × 2 × 1,5 cm