Plug& Play 400W solar panel station – Delivered assembled – Unpack, install, plug in!

Kit with 400Wp monocrystalline solar panel

The kit contains all the necessary elements to be installed and operational in 2 minutes. No additional accessories are needed. The kit contains:

  • 1x Panneau solaire noir monocristallin cellules Bifacial MBB 400W – 1825 x 1045 x 72 mm – 32Kg
  • 1x 400W Microinverter (already attached to the back)
  • 1x Adjustable support (already attached to the back)
  • 1x Metal weight plate
  • 2x Sealing caps
  • 1x Wifi Smart Socket
  • 1x AC cable with male plug – 2m

Compact delivery on pallet, in a single package of  191x110x9.5cm – 42Kg .

UGS : Plug& Play 400W Catégorie :


The  New Energy Kit Starter solar pack Plug & Play 400W solar panel – ground & wall  is a solar panel ready to be plugged into any  domestic outlet . It will allow you to produce up to 400W of solar electricity and self-consume it  in  your home.

Charge solar : If your electric car is charging during the day, then it will be partly charged with solar electricity.

The panel is delivered  fully assembled . Its adjustable ground support as well as the inverter are in fact already fixed to the rear of the panel. When unboxing, simply place the panel on the ground, adjust the tilt angle , then plug it into an electrical outlet.  No screws . This is the simplest kit on the market.

The kit comes with a metal  floor weight mat .

A  connected socket  allows you to follow  production  live, and to have history over  several years.

Easy express installation – no assembly

The kit is  delivered assembled .  No assembly  required.  No tools  needed.  No screws  or  bolts  to mount. Simply place the panel in the desired location, adjust the tilt angle – very easy thanks to the push buttons – then plug your panel into a domestic outlet.

Floor or wall mounting

The solar kit can be fixed to the ground or to the wall:

  • Floor: no screws needed. Simply weight the panel with ceramic tiles, on the intended location, so that it resists strong winds and storms.
  • Wall-mounted: a wall-mounting kit can be ordered as an option. 8 screws are necessary to fix it.

No declaration  is necessary to install this kit in the garden, on the terrace, or on the facade of your house.

Adjustable tilt

Once fixed to the floor or wall, the panel is adjustable to  5 different positions , to obtain an angle of  15 to 35° .

Push buttons make adjustment easy. No screws or bolts.

Series installation

You can connect this solar kit to up to  3 extension kits , to obtain up to 1400W of production, for the same domestic socket.

If you have a socket with a dedicated 16A line, it is even possible to connect up to  7 extension kits , to obtain a total power of 2800W.

Example: if you want to install 3 panels, then you need 1 starter kit and 2 extension kits.

Connected socket & production monitoring

The connected wifi socket provided with the solar kit allows you to monitor your production in real time, and to have production history over several years.

Profitable in 7 years

Solar production and self-consumption will lower your energy bill. On average, it takes  7 years  to make the solar kit profitable.

Warranty 10 years

The entire kit, the panels, the inverter and the accessories, are guaranteed for 10 years.

Informations complémentaires

Dimensions 4 × 1,4 × 1 cm