Balcony Power Station Bracket

  • Designed for balconies: these solar panel brackets are designed for the installation of network-connected and off-grid solar panels in balcony areas. Thanks to the adjustable attachment of the consoles, the consoles can be mounted on almost all balconies with railings. With these brackets, you can easily mount your solar panels or balcony power station on the balcony.
  • Durable design: made of rust-proof aluminium alloy, durable and can withstand all climate conditions, ensures high load capacity and stability
  • Easy to install: It comes with rust-proof fasteners, only quick installation with stainless steel fasteners and precise hole placement.
  • Wide application: the adjustable solar panel mounting bracket is suitable for solar panels of most brands designed for off-grid solar systems.
  • Adjustable angle: with the adjustable angle of 0° or 15-30°, our solar panel mount can be optimally aligned with the sun and generate maximum power.
UGS : Balcony Power Station Bracket Catégorie :


Adjustable tilt angle of the bracket from 0°-30°

Suitable for vertical and horizontal railing struts. For closed balconies, the bracket can be mounted directly on the wall using the stand.

Ideal solution for balconies and flat roofs! No complicated substructure! Simply screw on, adjust the angle, done!

Securely Fastened


The solar module mount is firmly anchored to the balcony using two sturdy J-hooks and two robust steel supports.


Solar panel mount kit


The simple and user-friendly installation allows you to install your solar module on your balcony quickly and without any special tools or knowledge.


easy installation

With the solar bracket you can attach each module to your balcony railing easily and without drilling – the mounting set and the precise hole placement guarantee a quick and accurate installation.

Informations complémentaires

Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 cm